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Create A Kitchen That Is Organized And Pretty! Check Out Our Friday Favorites List Of All Things Pretty And Organized Kitchen Storage Ideas Featured On

Hey there friends, we are so excited it is Friday. Woo Hoo! Let’s party with some Friday favorites all about kitchen storage. Both pretty and useful storage ideas can really help maximize the kitchen you have to really make it work for your home. We hope these ideas help and inspire you to get more organized in the kitchen.

Favorite IKEA Hack: You know that cute little cupboard above the fridge, that usually is filled with odds and ends that you forget about? Why not put that space to better use with this cabinet divider! Watch the video above and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great DIY videos.

One Room Challenge Kitchen Reveal 1

Favorite Minimal Open Shelves: A Nod to Navy recently updated her gorgeous kitchen. We love the look of open shelving, but she really knows how to use them to store items that you use everyday. Put out dishes you use on a regular basis!

Spring Kitchen Decor

Favorite Way to Decorate Open Shelves: These cute shelves by Grace in My Space showcase decor along with useful items. Pairing the dishes you use everyday with some decorative items can add an extra pretty and useful element to open shelves.

Pantrylabelscoffee 1

Favorite Organizing Labels: DIY Vibes shares these adorable labels to organize your pantry. Keep everything in order and in it’s proper place with these easy to make labels.

IMG 0875

Favorite way to add work and storage space: Kitchen islands are such a useful addition to a kitchen. They add extra work and storage space, plus a way to add a fun touch to your kitchen. Welcome to the Woods created this cute island from an old lawyer desk.

And here is another take on this idea with a smaller desk by 2 Perfection Decor for Remodelaholic, find what works for your space to make sure you have the storage and look you like.

Dining Room Furniture Upcycle Hutch Makeover

Favorite Way to Add Extra Storage: A hutch is the best of both worlds. It adds both a storage area to display and decorate and hidden storage in the bottom. If you find a hutch with good bones, you can make it over to match your kitchen like The Honeycomb Home did.

Organizing Spices In A Cabinet 18

Favorite Way to Store Spices in a Cupboard: Joyful Derivatives has my organizing heart swooning with this step up spice shelf. I need one in my spice cupboard STAT! It is getting so disorganized in there. Plus, all those cute bottles and labels. Please come organize my spice!


Favorite Way to Storage Spices in a Drawer: Or if I had drawer space, I would love to do this spice drawer idea like Hydrangea Treehouse. It looks so great with all of those spices lined up and easy to find!

Organized Baking Supply Drawer As A Small Kitchen Pantry Alternative #remodelaholic

And if you really want to be super organized, check out how we organized our baking drawer in our small kitchen!

IMG 1678

Favorite Way to Store Pans: I have not found a good place in my kitchen yet for my pans, but this might be a great idea for them by Emory Farm! A Skillet Rack! Easy to get to and store, so smart.

Or take a whole wall and display of your pots, pans, and lids like Simple Decorating Tips did when she shared this idea on Remodelaholic.

DIY Plate Rack 1600x

Favorite Wall Decor and Storage: Along the same line as the open shelving, display cute dishes you actually use as part of your decor with a plate rack! Build this cutie with Handmade Haven.

Favorite Utensil Organizer: I love having my utensils standing up, but hate having them out on my counter all the time or in completely disorganized in a drawer. Queen Bee of Honey Dos shared this tutorial on Remodelaholic to remedy both of those situations.

Remodelaholic Removable Large Utensil Drawer Organizer Step 5

Or if you have only a narrower drawer, this removable organizer might better do the trick.

Living Letter Home Diy Pantry Can Storage Setup Shelf

Favorite way to Organize Pantry Shelves: Similar to the spice rack step up idea, this helps show what is in your pantry or cupboards and it actually looks pretty cute! See how to get the look over at Living Letter Home.

How to create a Custom Storage Range Hood via @Remodelaholic #kitchenstorage #whitekitchen #DIYkitchen #rangehood

Favorite Storage Secret: I love a cute range hood, but I love this secret storage space even more! Build your own with help from Everyday Enchanting for Remodelaholic.

And now time for one quick funny!

Not To Brag Or Anything But I Can Forget What I'm Doing While I'm Doing It Meme

This is the truth. Then I’ve got to retrace my steps (and thoughts) and think really hard about what I was suppose to be doing.

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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