One Dining Room: Three Different Ways

Hello fellow Remodelaholics! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs back this month to share some fun, budget friendly design tips so you can make your home more beautiful….starting right now! Today I’m going to share something with you that I’ve been doing on my website for awhile-I call it Designer Math. See, my secret is I’m a former biochem major nerd, and as much as I love design, I love the math and science part of my brain too. Whether you are a nerd like me or not, this is the most fun math you will do all day. I promise. (And loads easier than helping your sixth grader with their math homework).

Choosing a dining room style? Explore these beautiful styles! Cottage farmhouse, eclectic, and boho dining room decor picks and inspiration from Postbox Designs on

Dining Room Styles: 3 Ways

In Designer Math, I take six different elements to a space. Then I add them together, and the sum is a completed room. I told you this would be fun! So because I love you all, I’m sharing not one, but three different Designer Math Problems today. I’m going to design one Dining Room, but done three different ways.

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Designer Math Problem #1: Eclectic Dining Room

Eclectic Dining Room by Postbox Designs for

SOURCES: chairs // table // light // dishes // art // vase

Eclectic is always a fun style to work with because you can bring in all of your favorite elements and mash them together. The rule to keep eclectic from turning crazy is to have a common theme pulling it all together. In this case I chose the color red. The round dining table and industrial metal chandelier both have a rustic edge to them. But I paired it with highly polished, bright red metal chairs that will look like little gems circling this table!

Cottage style dishware is another style mixed in, just to keep it from getting too stale. This wire vase would look great with greenery or even just as is. And I just cracked up when I saw this Sriracha art (which is no longer available, but here is a similar one) -I would put it in my Dining Room as an ode to my husband!

So remember our rules? Add these six elements together=eclectic fun space where you will linger over that second cup of coffee.

Love this look? Here are some more eclectic dining rooms to get your juices flowing:

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eclectic style dining room inspiration
eclectic dining room style inspiration
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Designer Math Problem #2: Cottage Farmhouse Dining Room

I have oodles of clients who are still just loving this style-and for great reason! It is casual, timeless, and sometimes it is fun to turn off the color and go a bit more neutral. So let’s start some addition!

Cottage Farmhouse Dining Room by Postbox Designs for

SOURCES: table  // table runner // chairs  //  chandelier // pillow //  art


A key to any great farmhouse room is a rustic trestle style dining table. I heart my farmhouse table at home because any scratches my kiddos put into it just adds to the charm. However, if you want to hide said scratches when company comes over, layer over a grain sack table runner. Pair up with the classic Windsor chair-a true farmhouse staple! To stay true to the farmhouse style, keep your colors soft and neutral and layer on texture to keep the space from getting boring.

This iron ring chandelier adds the right amount of rustic edge and mimics something you might actually find on a farm. Currently, I have a love affair with the swiss cross pattern, so I included a couple of these pillows to soften up the space. And finally, who says you can’t play with your food? Some whimsical food art brings some humor to the space, but I’m keeping it neutral with a black and white print.

Pretty easy math, right? This math problem = a charming, classic cottage look. This look happens to be a favorite of mine, so I have loads of dream dining rooms saved. My favorite is #2!

cottage farmhouse dining room inspiration
Home Remedies Rx
cottage farmhouse dining room style inspiration
Love Grows Wild
cottage farmhouse dining room style inspiration

Living 511


Designer Math Problem #3: Boho Dining Room

This one is for all of you dreamers who love this global style that brings warm woods, bright colors, and metal tones together. Just like the eclectic style, you have to reign this style in so it’s not too overbearing. So let’s start adding:

Boho Dining Room by Postbox Designs for

SOURCES:  chair // pillow // table // rug // chandelier // art


I love these rattan hairpin chairs-I have never seen anything quite like them, so to me this is a real focal point of the space. I added in some bright colors with these global style pillows, but you could do the same with a tablecloth or rug. This midcentury modern table’s sleek lines and warm tones pair up well with this style. Bonus-it is extendable!

I love this tribal looking rug because it has the graphic patterns classic to the Bohemian style, but completely neutral. Fair warning-I might skip white rugs with small children in the house! I also love this brass chandelier because it manages to be modern and glamorous at the same time. Brass and gold are perfect accents with the warm colors of this style. And finally, I continued the theme of food art with this hand drawn food art sketch, bringing in a bit of artistry with the fun of this style.

So did we do our math right? Six elements added together = a fun, bold style. Here are some more drool worthy boho style dining rooms to dream about:

boho dining room style inspiration
Virginia Rollison/Lonny
boho style dining room inspiration
Tralhao Design Center

And to make it super easy, there are all three versions of this Dining Room together-which one is your favorite twist?

Choosing a dining room style? Explore these beautiful styles! Cottage farmhouse, eclectic, and boho dining room decor picks and inspiration from Postbox Designs on

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