Some Room Details…

I have been working on Etta’s pink and navy bedroom SLOWLY but surely…  

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (20)


Keyword, slowly.

It has been a big project.  When we moved in the space was an open common room or family room space that we built into a bedroom, then we had to re-insulate the walls, install drywall, mud and tape, install a new window (details on that next week I am SO excited about them!) install moldings, paint the walls, replace the flooring and more… and I haven’t shown you anything, because I am SO slow!  Technically I started it way back in January.  But I should just accept that it is how we work, Go Tortoises!  (which is probably why I still haven’t shown you everything from my last house)

But anyway we are just inching along doing little bits as we can (between other big projects).   Can I admit I am running out of steam?…. I am just a bit.  But we are finally getting to the fun stuff, less building, more cute, yet still a lot of work.  I am trying to psyche myself up to finishing an entire project.  I am a totally an 85% done is good enough for me kinda girl until we have to sell a house, and breaking that habit is HARD!

So please, dare me to actually finish a project.

Cue the cute, decor stuff, trying to get motivated here!

I showed you the rug I bought last month and how I painted it.  The rug is great, we still totally love it.  

I painted some drapes for her room (like this and this old featured project) and I will try to show you those and a tutorial by next week… (wow those are fighting words, did a speeding rabbit hop in and type that to the tortoise? I guess that means I have to write that post too… yikes.) (Update: Get the tutorial for the polka dot confetti drapes here!)

Lately, I have been collecting a few of the decorative details for the room and I really wanted to show you those…

Girls pink and navy bedroom details:

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (2)

I love the colors of this little set of 4 owl banks.   The orange will probably not hang out to long in Etta’s room, but I know we can find a place for it, and my girls LOVE to play with money… should I be worried?   Anyway, they are so adorable.  I am planning on a few shelves in this room and I think I will sprinkle these around in them.

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (1)Star lanterns.  (this one is from Ikea around

Christmas ) 

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (5)Got this at a random store in the mall…

and spray painted it with Rustoleum Berry pink.

 Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (4)

I got these stackable storage boxes

on clearance from Walmart like 4 years ago.

 Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (3)

Frame from Ross or TJ Maxx.


 Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (9)

Pillow from Wayfair (I got two)

 Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (12)
These are both from Ross (last summer)

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (6)

$3.00 clock from Walmart, love the color and price!

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (13)Table set my friend found at a garage sale for me.  

The girls LOVE this table


Etta's Room Paint picking edited

Fabric and paint colors I decided to go with are below.  I got gallons of Satin paint from Sherwin Williams in their Emerald line of paints!  Although I will tell you more about this in a week or two as I wrap that part of the project up.

Sherwin Williams – SW 6582 Impatiens Pink (walls)

with accents of SW 6584 Cheery and SW 6586 Heart Felt (rug and other places yet to show you!)

For the blue I chose SW 6804 Dignity Blue

and the White was SW 7566 Westhighland White.

Okay, so far this is what one corner of the room looks like!  We  brought this bench out of storage (it has been there since the move) and Etta LOVES it.  I sorta want to recover it, or at least make an impermanent cover option that will match her room a bit more!

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (19) Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (17)

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (14)

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (18)

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (15)

Girls pink and navy bedroom decorations (21)


 If I ever get this room done I REALLY think I am going to like it! 

If you wanna check out Etta’s old room, it is here.   

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  1. It’s not as if you haven’t had other things going on! You’re making great progress. Still love the rug, and those curtains are adorable! I vote for a new cover for the bench, but obviously the current fabric doesn’t bother Etta 😉

    1. Yes, I agree about the bench fabric. I really think I am going to go with the navy and white stripe fabric in the picture below… thoughts?

  2. Love those colors! The curtain panels are adorable – just the right amount of whimsy. I love the little bench too – your girl looks so happy relaxing on the bench. Too cute.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love those pictures of her, they make my mommy heart sing!! I will have a tutorial on the drapes in a couple days in case you are interested!

  3. Those curtains are SOOOOO adorable! Love the way the dots look like colored raindrops puddling on the floor. Fun, fun, fun . . . . .

  4. It looks great so far. I vote new fabric on bench seat. Love the curtians and rug!! The owls are just too cute!!

  5. I love your projects! Would love to paint my own bedroom curtains since I’m redecorating my bedroom and the curtains I am looking at are upwards of 60 dollars each panel, I need 4 and my budget is getting less and less with the curtains being last on the list. Great job!

  6. Was curious as to what fabric choice you made for her bedding? Looking to do my little girls room in the same colors but stumped on what to do for bedding…her walls are already pink. I absolutely love what you did with the curtains! You’ve got a lot of talent!

    1. Jennifer… I haven’t quite decided yet! I have a really cute trellis type pattern in pink and white. I might a little blanket out of it. And then I will add all the extra color in some throw pillows, because the fabric on throw pillows can be more decorative than comfortable… So it might mean I will do some more painting! We will see!