How to Build a Gorgeous DIY Corner Fireplace (Plus a Mantel with Hidden Storage!)

How do you build a corner fireplace? I’ll show you how I built this stylish DIY corner fireplace unit for an electric fireplace insert — plus a mantel with storage to hide electronics and cords! Get the woodworking plans to build your own corner fireplace.

Get inspired by this beautiful corner fireplace makeover, plus 46 more DIY fireplace remodels and makeovers. You can also build a faux fireplace if you want the style but don’t need the extra heat — check out 20 beautiful ways to fake a fireplace and mantel.

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Building a DIY Corner Fireplace

I’ve been doing some really fun projects lately for some amazing clients (like this gorgeous timber wood pergola that we placed on the existing patio with new poured concrete footers) — and this one is perfect for the winter fireplace season!

I love projects like this where the client has an idea and a few guiding principles for me, but I get to bring my creativity to the design and the installation process (like when I built this wedding arbor for my sister based on a random photo she saw).

Before Corner Fireplace Unit And TV Replaced With DIY Corner Fireplace And Mantel With TV Wall Remodelaholic

This is where we started with this DIY corner fireplace project. The client had a corner fireplace cabinet and TV mount they wanted replaced with a built-in corner fireplace and mantel. The corner is in a walkout basement apartment that gets cold in the winter, so they needed a better heating fireplace insert to add warmth and a single corner unit that looks nicer and adds some better storage for the TV accessories, DVDs, cords, etc.

Since this corner is a focal point of the kitchen and small family room area here, they also wanted the style and wood stain to match the kitchen design to keep everything looking nice together — here’s the kitchen cabinet design and the open shelves in the kitchen.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel Style Inspiration And Wood Color Remodelaholic

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I went to work and drew up this corner fireplace design concept. I’m happy with it and the client loves it! It adds so much modern farmhouse style and coziness to this little corner of the house.

There’s an upgraded electric fireplace to heat the space better, plus a beautiful mantel to hold decor without blocking the TV and, bonus – hidden storage for DVDs and devices right inside the mantel! They also upgraded to a slightly smaller Samsung Frame TV and it all looks amazing.

DIY Corner Fireplace Plans And Tutorial With Hidden Storage Mantel And Hearth Modern Farmhouse Style Remodelaholic

Prefer to hide the TV? See how to build a hidden TV fireplace built-in, or use these tricks to hide a TV, electronics, and cords.

I rough framed it and built the entire DIY corner fireplace unit in the shop in 3 pieces to move it into place later. This made the installation as quick as possible and the least disruptive to the kitchen and living area as we could.

Once I had everything built, I loaded up all the framed fireplace pieces and storage mantel and plus the framed fireplace and the painted shiplap and trim to transport it to the client’s house for the install.

DIY Corner Fireplace And Mantel With Hidden Storage Plans And Tutorial Remodelaholic

This shiplap fireplace matches the style the client wanted, and you could easily do a more modern flat finish on the fireplace front, use a faux brick panel or thin brick veneer or faux stone wall panel instead, or use a plywood or tile board on the front of the fireplace to do a more traditional tiled fireplace, too.

If you’re considering adding a fireplace or a faux fireplace, consider a corner placement like this. A small corner fireplace uses up less square footage and fewer materials to build, while giving warmth and style to your living space and creating a comfortable seating area.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel With Hidden Storage Plans And Tutorial Remodelaholic

Ready to see how I built it? Watch the video to get the story, and keep reading for the full step-by-step instructions. The full woodworking plans are coming, too, so click here to get an email when they’re ready.

DIY Corner Fireplace Building Tutorial

Interested in full woodworking plans? Click here to let us know and we’ll email you when the plans are ready.

Because this was built for a client, I meticulously measured and built everything in my shop to minimize disruptions to their living space.

In your own home, you could build this DIY corner fireplace in place to make it a bit easier. Building it separately does make it quick to install and also easy to remove later if needed.

DIY Corner Fireplace And Mantel Framed Remodelaholic

I framed the corner fireplace in 3 sections: the bottom framing for the electric fireplace and mantel, the hearth section, and then the upper section where the TV will hang.

I built all 3, then installed all 3, but for ease of this tutorial I’ll show you the build and install for each section as we go. I also painted and stained everything in one round, but you can do that in sections as well if you prefer.

DIY Corner Fireplace Dimensions

The front of this corner fireplace is approximately 6 feet by 8 feet. The hearth spans 6 feet diagonally across the corner (approx 4 feet 3 inches along each wall from the corner), and it extends the full height of the 8-foot ceiling and can easily be adjusted to fit a shorter or taller ceiling.

Corner Fireplace DIY Dimensions For Plans Tutorial At Remodelaholic 1

The PuraFlame electric fireplace insert is a 33-inch model, with the dimensions shown below. The firebox (the part which is inserted into the frame) measures just over 33 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches tall to fit into the 33 1/2″ wide opening in the fireplace surround. This fireplace insert is basically a space heater which requires no venting like a traditional fireplace.

Amazon Puraflame Fireplace Insert Dimensions
33-inch electric fireplace insert dimensions, courtesy of Amazon

DIY Corner Fireplace Materials

These numbers are approximately what I used for this build, which you can build following the plans. Your measurements and situation will determine how much of which materials you need.

Total cost of materials for the corner fireplace: $425

You could reduce costs by using a less expensive MDF or plywood for the mantel, and by using a less expensive covering for the fireplace surround and the TV wall.

The client also chose this 33-inch PuraFlame electric fireplace insert, which is the same one we have in our home and use all the time. The fireplace insert cost $360.

I also installed a new dedicated outlet for the electric fireplace insert and the TV, to avoid overloading the existing outlet and to help hide the wires inside the fireplace. Click here to read more about that.

DIY Corner Fireplace Tools

See some of these here on Amazon

  • Table saw fine tooth blade
  • Circular saw with fine tooth blade
  • Miter Saw saw with fine tooth blade
  • Pin nailer, 23 guage
  • Brad nailer, 18 guage
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Drill Impact Driver
  • Drill bits
    • 2“ hole saw
    • 1” spade bit 
    • ¼” drill bit
  • Paint sprayer or foam roller
  • Foam brush for staining and clear coat
  • Caulking gun
  • Sanding block
  • Sandpaper 120, 240, 440
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Laser level (recommended)
DIY Corner Fireplace Tutorial And Plans For Mantel With Hidden Storage Remodelaholic

How to Measure for a Custom DIY Corner Fireplace Build

You can follow the full woodworking plan (coming soon!) to build exactly what we built (with instructions included about adjusting to the size of your fireplace insert if needed).

If you want to design your own plans for a corner fireplace unit, here’s some info to help you in your planning.

I framed the corner fireplace in 3 sections: the bottom framing for the electric fireplace and mantel, the hearth section, and then the upper section where the TV will hang.

Since the goal of most corner fireplaces is to be space efficient, you’ll want to tuck the corner fireplace and TV unit into the corner as much as possible based on the size of the fireplace. Be sure to read this whole tutorial to see the construction and installation process before you start measuring and designing!

This information is to help you as you plan your DIY corner fireplace so that you have an accurate idea of how much lumber you’ll need.

Interested in full woodworking plans? Click here to let us know and we’ll email you when the plans are ready.

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Fireplace Insert Dimensions

For this electric fireplace insert, the front of the fireplace measures just over 35″ wide, with the back firebox at just over 33″. It is 8 3/4″ deep and I designed the corner insert to have approximately 18″ clearance behind the firebox and 8 1/2″ of surround on each side of the fireplace screen.

The total width of the front edge of the fireplace surround is 50 1/2″ (4 feet 2 1/2 inches) wide. The mantel protrudes an extra 6 inches and is a total width of 52 1/2″, and the hearth protrudes an extra 10 3/4″ and is a total width of 6 feet (72″). From the corner of the wall to the front of the mantel is 36 inches, with the hearth extending roughly 4 ft 3 inches along each wall.

Corner Fireplace DIY Aerial View With Depths Remodelaholic

Sketch It Out

To measure for your own DIY corner fireplace, you’ll need to determine these distances and clearances for your fireplace and the corner situation. Sketch it out on paper and take detailed measurements for how tall you’d like the fireplace surround and how tall the remaining TV wall will be.

  • Calculate for a 6″ area for the mantel framing.
  • For the front of the fireplace, plan to work in full shiplap board widths so you don’t have to trim any boards, and it will look nicer and be that much easier to install.
  • The hearth height matches the baseboards, and the electric fireplace insert sits just above the hearth top.
  • The frame for the TV wall section doesn’t need to reach the ceiling, just to the bottom of the crown molding.

Then, for materials you’ll need to measure and purchase your calculated amounts of each material (and it’s always smart to add 10%-20% to account for cuts, mistakes, and variations).

Corner Fireplace DIY With Hearth And Mantel Cross Section Remodelaholic 1

How to Calculate the Angled Sides of a Corner Fireplace

While the angles of a corner fireplace may seem daunting, the good news is that most homes are close enough to square that you can most likely just cut the pieces at 45 degrees. (Mine were 46°)

The trim (also ripped at 45 degrees on a table saw to fit the sides) will cover any small gaps around the edges so that even though the wall won’t be perfectly square, it won’t be noticeable.

Helpful Tips: Read Thalita’s guide to surviving a fireplace remodel, and check out our Remodelaholic tips for living in a house while you remodel.

Framing Lumber

Because of the depth of the firebox and for added strength, I chose to frame the DIY corner fireplace surround using 2x6s and the upper TV wall section with 2x4s.

2x6s for framing & hearth

  • corner fireplace surround
    • top and bottom of the fireplace surround (with angled ends)
    • sides of the fireplace surround (turned at an angle)
    • top and bottom of the fireplace insert frame
    • sides of the fireplace insert frame
    • supports around the firebox
  • corner fireplace hearth
    • front (with angled ends) and back of hearth
    • center supports
    • hearth top (stained)

2x4s for TV wall framing

  • top and bottom of the upper fireplace wall (with angled ends)
  • sides of the TV wall (turned at an angle)
  • center TV wall supports
DIY Corner Fireplace With Storage Mantel Hearth Shiplap TV Wall For Frame Tv Remodelaholic

Veneer MDF for Mantel & Hearth

For up to this size 52 1/2″ mantel and 72″ angled hearth topper, you’ll just need one 4×8 sheet of 3/4 inch MDF with veneer (or you could use plywood but the finish won’t be as nice). Just follow the diagram below (and in the woodworking plans) and NOT what I cut that meant I had to buy a second expensive sheet of plywood.

If you’re limited to big box lumber stores, you can use a sheet of high-quality hardwood oak plywood instead of the MDF with veneer, but if you can find a local woodworking store that stocks the veneered MDF, it is great to work with and, as you can see, stained up really nicely.

Finish Trim and Shiplap

1×6 shiplap boards

  • around the fireplace surround (mostly short pieces with one long piece at the top)
  • across the TV wall

1×3 trim boards

  • along the sides of the fireplace surround
  • along the sides and top of the TV wall

Crown and base trim

  • crown across the top of the TV wall
  • baseboard along the front of the hearth (this was my entire hearth front, as it was designed to be the same height as the existing baseboards)

Interested in full woodworking plans? Click here to let us know and we’ll email you when the plans are ready.

How to Build a DIY Corner Fireplace

Alrighty, let’s get building! We’ll start with the corner fireplace insert and surround.

Step 1: Build the Electric Fireplace Insert and Surround Frame

It’s important that the electric fireplace insert fits snugly into the frame, so the center of the fireplace frame is a 2×6 frame that fits the firebox exactly. (Read manufacturer’s instructions for clearance requirements and other specifications.)

The fireplace frame has 8 main pieces plus a few supports, all from 2×6 lumber:

  • 2 horizontal insert frame pieces
  • 2 vertical insert frame pieces
  • 2 vertical fireplace frame pieces (turned to match the angle of the walls)
  • 2 horizontal fireplace frame pieces (angled at the ends)
DIY Corner Fireplace Plans And Tutorial Fireplace Surround Dimensions Remodelaholic

For all of the framing, the boards are attached using 2 1/2″ wood screws through one piece and into the other. None of this will be visible, so it doesn’t have to be pretty — just make it easy and strong!

To assemble the DIY corner fireplace frame:

  1. First, lay out the top and bottom fireplace frame pieces (angled at the ends)
  2. Attach the vertical insert frame pieces.
  3. Then attach the horizontal fireplace frame pieces. (This is a good time to do a dry fit of the fireplace insert to make sure it’s a good fit.)
  4. Next attach the supports – I used one between the horizontal frame pieces on the top, and 2 on the bottom.
  5. Finish up the fireplace framing by adding the vertical fireplace frame pieces. These are turned at roughly a 45-degree angle and this is a place to carefully check your measurements because these two pieces will be anchored to the wall.
    • If you’re building in place, you could also place the frame against the wall without these last 2 pieces, then install the pieces with the frame in place before attaching it to the wall.
DIY Corner Fireplace Surround For Electric Fireplace Insert With Shiplap Front Remodelaholic
DIY corner fireplace surround framed – dry fitting the shiplap front

Step 2: Install Fireplace Surround Frame

For a pro-level install, I highly recommend using a laser level like this!

Before installing the DIY corner fireplace frame, remove the baseboards. You can remove the entire length of the baseboard and reinstall it, or you can cut the baseboards in place like I did using a multitool. (This is also the step where I installed a new outlet, so see more about that here.)

Removing Baseboards To Install DIY Corner Fireplace Hearth And New Outlet Remodelaholic
cutting out the baseboards behind the corner fireplace unit

Then, to install the fireplace surround frame:

  1. Place the framing base in place. Use wood shims to level the base if needed.
  2. Level the edges vertically (plumb) with the laser level.
  3. Anchor the corner fireplace frame to the wall. If you can attach to studs, anchor with 3″ wood screws. If not, use drywall wingnut anchors on the top (into the wall) and screws at the bottom (into the bottom plate of the wall studs).
Install DIY Corner Fireplace Surround Framing For Electric Insert Fireplace Remodelaholic
installing the corner fireplace surround frame using wing nuts

How to Build a DIY Corner Fireplace Hearth

I added the hearth to help anchor the fireplace and balance out the large TV at the top. If you are really looking to conserve floor space, you do not need to have this extra section. I built the hearth at the same height as the existing baseboards so it looks really natural to have it built in. The hearth sits just below the fireplace insert.

DIY Corner Fireplace Hearth Red Oak Remodelaholic

I also used the same red oak MDF as I used for the mantel so that it’s really cohesive.

Step 1: Build the Corner Fireplace Hearth Frame

The corner hearth frame is built from just a front piece with angled ends, a back square piece, and 4 framing supports in between. Then, the frame is wrapped with baseboard in the front and topped with the stained MDF hearth topper.

DIY Corner Fireplace And Hearth Framing Tutorial And Plans Remodelaholic 1

To build the corner hearth:

  1. Attach the framing supports to the back piece, one at each end and the other two spaced evenly between.
  2. Attach the front (with angled ends), making sure it’s centered. The angled edges will fit against the wall, and the back edges will fit right up against the fireplace surround frame.

That’s it! Taking accurate measurements makes the assembly a breeze.

Step 2: Install Corner Hearth Frame

Again, using a laser level helps ensure that everything is square, plumb, level and looking good.

To install the hearth frame:

  1. Set the hearth in place and make sure it’s centered. Level the hearth using shims or scrap wood spacers as needed.
  2. Screw the hearth frame into the fireplace frame and into the base plate of the stud wall using wood screws.
DIY Corner Fireplace And Hearth Framing Tutorial And Plans Remodelaholic
DIY corner fireplace surround and hearth framing

Step 3: Install the Fireplace Insert

Slide the fireplace insert into the frame to test that 1) it fits and 2) that the frame feels sturdy with the added weight. Plug in the insert along with the TV and give it a test run to ensure the power doesn’t trip with both running. (Since this was a previous problem for this client, I installed a new outlet — see more details here.)

Corner Fireplace DIY Surround And Hearth Framed With Electric Fireplace Insert Remodelaholic

The electric fireplace insert just sits in place in the frame, but it’s very secure. The insert can be easily removed to access the power outlet for installing the TV and other components later.

Step 4: Finish Hearth

At this point, I also installed the hearth baseboard and wood hearth top, stained to match the mantel. See the next section for the cut information and finish instructions for the hearth top. (Remember, I built everything in my shop and pre-finished and then installed, so the order for you might be a little different.)

To finish the hearth:

  1. Install baseboard along the front of the hearth frame using pin nails.
  2. Install wood hearth topper.
    • Add ¾” wood scrap spacers (cut from the same sheet of MDF) under the hearth to support it and level under the fireplace.
    • Use a pin nailer to hold down the hearth. The pin nails are so tiny you can barely see them.
Corner Fireplace DIY Hearth Installed Remodelaholic
corner fireplace hearth finished

If wood isn’t your style, you could also use Airstone and concrete blocks like this, or skim-coated cement like this.

Step 5: Add Shiplap Fireplace Surround

After installing the hearth top but before installing the mantel is a good time to install the shiplap fireplace surround. I cut and pre-painted all the shiplap and trim pieces at the same time prior to installing.

Again, use a laser level to keep things looking good!

Corner Fireplace DIY With Shiplap Fireplace Surround For An Electric Fireplace Insert Remodelaholic
installing the shiplap on the DIY corner fireplace surround

To install the shiplap around the fireplace:

  1. Install the first row of shiplap at the bottom along either side of the fireplace, using a laser level to ensure it is straight.
  2. Attach with pin nails at top of the shiplap to hide nail head into the frame behind
  3. Continue adding the upper rows of shiplap until you reach the top of the surround frame. Notch the board at the top of the opening as needed.
Install Shiplap Fireplace Surround For DIY Corner Fireplace With Electric Fireplace Insert Remodelaholic

More DIY fireplace surround options

How to Build a DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel (with Storage!)

Now, my favorite part: the mantel with hidden storage! I’ll show you how to build it, and the detailed plans are coming to the Remodelaholic Shop soon — click here to get an email when they’re ready.

Be sure to follow the diagram to cut the pieces from just one 4×8 sheet – I screwed up and had to buy another sheet, and that’s a $125 mistake! The one sheet of MDF is enough for both the mantel and the hearth topper.

Cut MDF Veneer For Corner Fireplace Mantel And Hearth Remodelaholic
cutting MDF sheet for mantel and hearth topper with a circular saw

Step 1: Cut Mantel Pieces (and Hearth Topper)

Rough cut the pieces first, then cut to exact width and length using a table saw workbench and/or circular saw. Be sure to follow the diagram so you’ll have the right pieces from just the one sheet! (The full woodworking plans have the full diagram including all measurements for dimensions and angles.)

DIY Corner Fireplace Custom Mantel With Hidden Storage Cut List Plans Remodelaholic

Step 2: Apply Edge Banding

Use an iron to apply the edge banding veneer to the edges that will be visible (noted in the plans) before assembling the corner fireplace storage mantel.

Step 3: Assemble Mantel Box

The mantel is assembled in 2 main pieces: the lower box section (with the hinged front, center support, back and sides) and the mantel top with the mantel sides. Here you can see the pieces plus the hearth topper getting glued up on my table saw workbench (plus one of my little helpers!).

Cut And Glue Plywood Sheet Into Corner Fireplace Storage Mantel And Hearth Remodelaholic
gluing the corner fireplace mantel pieces

To assemble the mantel pieces:

  1. Carefully cut the pieces as shown in the diagrams of the detailed woodworking plan.
  2. Use a hole saw to drill the hole in the mantel back for the electronics cords.
  3. Glue up the cut corners to attach the mantel sides to the mantel top. These are cut as carefully as possible to continue the grain around the sides, to make it look more like a solid wood mantel.
  4. Glue and attach the box back to the mantel bottom.

The mantel front, center support, and sides will be attached later during the install.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel With Hidden Storage Custom Plans Remodelaholic

Step 4: Sand and Stain Mantel Pieces (and Hearth Topper)

A quality finish on a wood mantel starts with the sanding, so don’t skip that. Read our tips for sanding here.

For the mantel pieces and hearth topper, sand everything well and stain using a foam brush. I used Varathane wood stain in Kona to match the adjacent kitchen cabinets.

Corner Fireplace Mantel Stained Dark Red Oak Remodelaholic

After letting the stain dry for 24 hours (or whatever the can says), add one coat of clear sealer. I used Varathane clear satin polyurethane, water based. Let the sealer cure for 12 hours (or whatever the can says).

Step 5: Install Mantel Hinges for Hidden Storage

We love using these IKEA hinges for projects like this. The extra wide opening angle gives full access to the inside of the mantel to easily install your components. (These 165° hinges could also be a good option.)

To install the mantel front hinges:

  1. Lay the mantel box and the front on your work surface.
  2. Align the ends and place the hinges to ensure the correct distance between the pieces.
  3. Mark and pre-drill the hinge hole and screw holes.
  4. Install the hinges (and test that they work like you want).
  5. Release the hinge so that the one side stays on the mantel box, and the other on the mantel front.
DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel With Storage Install Hidden Hinges Remodelaholic

Step 5: Install Mantel

The mantel is designed to install right on top of the fireplace surround to make it easy and sturdy. Be sure to dry fit the pieces to make sure everything fits and looks good!

Corner Fireplace Mantel DIY Installation Remodelaholic

To install the mantel on the fireplace:

  1. Place the mantel box on top of the fireplace surround. The back should fit right up against both walls on the sides.
  2. Attach the mantel box along the sides with screws down into the fireplace frame.
  3. Add the mantel sides along the wall and attach them to the bottom mantel box with pin nails (angled).
  4. Place the center support and attach it to the bottom mantel box with angled pin nails.
  5. Set the mantel top on the mantel box. Adjust the placement as needed and pin nail into the sides and back.
  6. Attach the mantel front by re-attaching the hinge pieces.
DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel With Hidden Storage From One Sheet Of Plywood Remodelaholic

How to Build a DIY Corner Fireplace Wall with TV Supports

We’re getting close to finished! The corner fireplace wall is really simple to build and it’s so nice to add supports for your TV wall mount so you know it’s secure on the wall.

Step 1: Frame the Corner Fireplace Wall with TV Supports

The frame for the DIY corner fireplace wall is just 6 2×4 boards:

  • 2 horizontal top and bottom frame pieces (header and base), angled on the ends
  • 4 vertical studs, with 2 angled to meet the walls on the sides
Diy Corner Fireplace TV Wall Framing Plans Remodelaholic

To assemble the fireplace wall frame on your workbench:

  1. Align the header and base horizontal boards.
  2. Install the 2 center vertical studs. These can be centered like mine, or installed wherever your TV mount will need to attach.
  3. Install the 2 end studs, angled to match the wall.
  4. Add extra blocking as needed for the TV mount you’ll be using.

Step 6: Install Corner Fireplace Wall Frame

The upper fireplace wall frame is installed just like the fireplace surround framing.

To install the TV wall framing:

  1. Place the TV wall frame in place. Use wood shims to adjust to level the base if needed.
  2. Level the edges vertically (plumb) with the laser level.
  3. Anchor the TV wall frame to the wall at the top and bottom of the side studs. If you can attach to studs, anchor with 3″ wood screws. If not, use drywall wingnut anchors.
Corner Fireplace DIY Tv Wall Shiplap With Storage Mantel Remodelaholic

How to Build A DIY Shiplap Fireplace

Step 1: Rough Cut Shiplap Wall and Trim

Cut the shiplap and trim materials to a rough fit on the frame.

Step 2: Paint Shiplap Fireplace Wall and Trim

Painting the shiplap before installing is so much easier and less mess!

I laid the pieces on cardboard and drop cloths in the driveway and gave them 3 coats of paint using a paint sprayer. It is SO much faster than rolling. I let each coat dry 30 minutes between coats and lightly sanded between coats for a smooth finish. The white paint color is just the plain base white in eggshell. (“Off the shelf white” is our go-to paint color!)

Prepaint Primed Shiplap For Corner Fireplace DIY With Mantel Remodelaholic

Step 3: Install Fireplace Shiplap Wall

This part is quick and easy, just like the fireplace surround shiplap.

  1. Install the first row of shiplap at the bottom along the mantel, using a laser level to ensure it is straight.
  2. Attach with pin nails at top of the shiplap to hide nail head into the frame behind.
  3. Continue adding the upper rows of shiplap until you reach the top of the wall frame.
  4. Trim the top shiplap board if needed. The top edge will be covered by trim and crown molding, so cutting a board to width might be unnecessary.
DIY Shiplap TV Wall Install Above Electric Fireplace Insert In Corner Fireplace DIY Remodelaholic

Step 8: Trim Fireplace Corner Unit

Let’s finish it up with some trim and crown molding!

  1. Bevel one edge of the 1×3 trim at a 45-degree angle on the table saw. This will sit against the wall for a nice clean finish, a pro-level detail.
  2. Measure and cut the angled trim to fit the sides of the fireplace surround and the sides of the TV wall. Install with pin nails or finish nails.
  3. Measure and cut the crown molding. Cut ends of the crown molding at the 45 degree angle as if the crown molding was upside down on the wall on the saw.
  4. Install the crown molding at the top of the TV wall.
  5. Measure and cut the TV wall top trim to length and sand the cut edges rounded.
  6. Slide the top trim under the crown molding about 1/4″ and nail in place.
DIY Corner Fireplace Shiplap Wall Trim Remodelaholic

Step 9: Finish, Caulk, Patch, and Touch-up Paint

It’s the home stretch – just the finishing touches to make this DIY corner fireplace look amazing!

  1. Caulk the crown molding at the ceiling.
  2. Caulk the edges of the trim at the wall (both the upper TV wall section and the lower fireplace surround).
  3. Patch any visible nail holes using paintable wood filler. (Pin nail holes are usually okay, so the mantel shouldn’t need any major patching.)
  4. Sand the patched areas after the wood filler has dried.
  5. Vacuum and dust the whole area.
  6. Clean painted surfaces with magic eraser to prep for painting.
  7. Paint with white eggshell sheen paint to touch-up any patches, holes, etc. I prefer to paint over the caulked lines, too, so they will clean up more easily and the dust won’t stick as much.
DIY Corner Fireplace Hearth Storage Mantel With Shiplap Electric Fireplace Surround TV Wall Remodelaholic

Bonus: How to Add a New Outlet for Electric Fireplace + TV (optional)

There was an outlet nearby, so I added a new outlet and ran the wiring from the existing outlet to provide power for the electric fireplace and TV. This helps with the energy load as well as keeps all the cords hidden inside the fireplace wall.

As with all DIY projects, don’t attempt this unless you are comfortable and confident. Consult an electrician if you have questions or concerns.

Installing A New Outlet For A Corner Fireplace Unit Electric Insert, Remodelaholic

How to add a new electrical outlet

  1. Turn off the power at the breaker!
  2. Remove the baseboard beneath the new outlet location. (For the fireplace wall, the baseboard needed removed anyway.)
  3. Remove the existing outlet and check for room to add a new outlet.
  4. Mark and cut the hole for the new outlet, adjacent to the stud.
  5. Drill ⅝” hole or bigger to run the wires through the stud(s) between the old outlet and the new outlet. (I only needed to drill one hole because there was space behind the 2×4 in the wall for the wire.)
  6. Add stud guard to protect the wiring if needed. (I only needed one.)
  7. Run new wire from the existing outlet to the new outlet location.
  8. Attach the wires to the new outlet and install the new outlet and cover.

How to Install a Frame TV on a Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Frame TVs look so nice and are pretty easy to install, too! The frame TV brackets install a little differently than a traditional TV mount. The bracket are also part of what makes the TV look like art, since the slim wall brackets hold the thin TV screen very close to the wall.

Corner Fireplace DIY Plans And Tutorial With Frame Tv And Hidden Storage Mantel Remodelaholic

To install a slim TV wall bracket:

  1. Measure or use the manufacturer template to mark and install the wall brackets. Ideally this will be where you put studs/blocking earlier, but if not, the solid wood shiplap is adequate.
  2. Plug in the TV cord to the back of the TV, and attach the hanging brackets.
  3. Hang the TV and mark where the cord should go into the shiplap TV wall.
  4. Remove the TV and drill a hole in the shiplap for the TV plug.
  5. Feed the TV plug and connection cord(s) through the hole.
  6. Plug the TV into the wall outlet, and use the other cord(s) to connect the other components inside the mantel.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Install Frame Tv Wall Brackets On DIY Shiplap TV Wall Corner Fireplace DIY Surround And Mantel Remodelaholic

To use a sound bar with the hidden storage mantel, drill a small hole in the top of the mantel for the two soundbar cords (to the TV and to the power strip). Then just set the soundbar on top of the mantel.

Corner Fireplace Mantel With Soundbar Cords And Connection Remodelaholic

DIY Corner Fireplace FAQs

How much does it cost to build a corner fireplace?

This built-in corner fireplace cost $425 in materials, plus $360 for the fireplace insert. You could reduce the costs by purchasing a less expensive fireplace insert, building with 2x4s instead of 2x6s, or using a less expensive material for the fireplace surround.

The picture frame TV was purchased by the client, and this size costs $1000, depending on the features and frame(s) you choose.

If you’d prefer to buy ready-made like the corner fireplace unit I replaced for this client, options start at around $300. For higher-end materials and high heat output (comparable to the insert I used), expect to spend closer to $600 or even up to $1000.

How long does it take to build a corner fireplace?

I spent about 28-30 hours over about 7 working days to build this corner fireplace, plus a few hours on the design so be sure to use our woodworking plans to save yourself that time 😉

It took about 16 hours on construction, including all the cutting, assembly, sanding, painting, and staining over 4 days. Then I spent about 12 more hours on the installation over 3 more days.

Will an electric fireplace increase home value?

Yes…probably. Like so many ways to increase your home’s value, adding a fireplace may increase your home’s value, and it also may increase your home’s desirability to buyers.

Adding a gas fireplace insert will increase home value 6-12%, according to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. Because the added value of a gas fireplace will recoup 100% of the install costs, many homeowners opt for the more expensive upgrade to a professionally installed gas fire place. This is especially true in areas with cold winters where the gas fireplace is desirable to add comfortable heat and convenience.

Adding an electric fireplace insert may not directly increase your home value in the same way, but if it’s installed well (to heat key areas of the home) and looks nice, it’s likely to add desirability to your home for buyers. Since the cost of an electric fireplace install is lower, it will be easier to recoup the costs when selling your home.

Do corner fireplaces save space?

Generally, yes, corner fireplaces use very little floor space vs a traditional wall fireplace. A corner fireplace is a good use of an unused corner, adding style while leaving larger walls open for furniture placement and art. The corner fireplace we built takes up only about 9 square feet of floor space (and that includes the hearth!)

For an electric fireplace insert, you can create a slim fireplace anywhere in your home, so you can use the same concept as our DIY corner fireplace to build your own electric fireplace along a wall to fit your home layout and design, while taking up very little floor space.

How do you style a room with a fireplace in the corner?

For this DIY corner fireplace, the room was already set up as a small sitting area adjacent to the TV in this basement apartment, so rearranging furniture wasn’t necessary.

To create a sitting area around a fireplace in the corner, place 2 accent chairs to either side of the fireplace with an ottoman or coffee table between them. For TV viewing on a TV above the corner fireplace, add a sofa or loveseat facing the screen and upgrade the accent chairs to swivel for conversation or TV viewing.

DIY Corner Fireplace Image Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll end this post with a gallery of some extra shots of this corner fireplace.

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How To Build A Corner Fireplace Plans Tutorial For Electric Fireplace Insert Surround With TV Wall Mantel With Storage And Hearth Remodelaholic
How To Build A Wood Fireplace Mantel With Storage To Hide Cords And Boxes Woodworking Plans Remodelaholic
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