6 Raw Food Recipe Classics: Your Favorite Meals… RAW!

Despite the continuous increase in fast food joints, frozen food empires, and Ding-Dong production in this world, there are a growing number of us who are looking to sweeten the pot when it comes to our health. Many experts agree – a raw foods diet is a great way to go – but changing everything about the way you prepare and eat food can be daunting, to say the least. And appeasing kid and spouses in the process? Tough. So start here: SIX raw food meals, all based on classic family favorites!

Try incorporating these meals into your regular dinnertime agenda and get friends’ and family’s taste buds turning. Add in your favorite flavors in fresh herbs, juices, and maybe a bit of coarse-ground pepper. While a total raw foods lifestyle may not feel doable today, one meal at a time is a great place to start!

6 Classic Raw Food Recipes via Tipsaholic

Lasagna | Laura’s Recipes 
(see photo: slide 2)

This lasagna incorporates the textures and flavors of zucchini, tomatoes, and nuts layered together in the same way that traditional lasagna would be. Bonus: you don’t have to wait for it to cook!


Mushroom Veggie Burgers | Rawmazing 
(see photo: slide 3)

Even food-lovers outside the raw diet will tell you that a Portobello mushroom makes a great burger. Along with the Portobellos, nuts and other raw vegetables combine to make one hearty burger for this meal. Wrap it in lettuce or try a raw “flatbread” for a bun like one of these from Rawmazing.


Raw Taco Salad | The Sweet Life  
(see photo: slide 4)

Just like a non-raw taco salad, cumin is a key flavor in this meal. Guacamole and a cashew “sour cream” add a delicious depth.


Raw Pizza | Sweetly Raw  
(see photo: slide 5)

The base for this fabulous family classic is a buckwheat crust. Buckwheat is a seed used in many raw recipes that can be found in most grocery stores (check the bulk foods section for some of the lowest prices!), but also online from sellers like Bob’s Red Mill.


Sweet Corn Garlic Tomato Soup | Raw Food Recipes  
(see photo: slide 6)

A hearty soup makes a great meal any day of the week. A blender is all you need for this tasty dish—topped with a bit of chopped avocado, of course!


Squash Noodles with Raw Tomato Sauce | Koko’s Kitchen  
(see photo: slide 7)

This recipe calls for spiraled zucchini, but a spaghetti squash could be a great substitute. A rich raw tomato sauce will have you running back for seconds!

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