Tips for Choosing Paint Colors For Children’s Rooms

Tips for choosing paint colors for kid spaces. #children #kidsroom

Best Paint Colors for Children’s Rooms

Hi Remodelaholics, it’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange, back with this month’s paint color palette.

If you happened to miss last month’s palette, I shared my little trick for how I always choose the perfect shade of white here.

Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via

Iced Green Benjamin Moore

For this month’s palette, I wanted to share a few tips for choosing paint colors for children’s spaces.  Choosing paint colors that your child will love is not easy.  Children are just as sensitive to color on the walls as we adults are and choosing just the right color is challenge.   Today I wanted to share a couple little tricks that can help you can zone in on the perfect color that both you and your child will love longterm.

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Including the child in the process and color selection decision is important because even the littlest of children respond to certain colors.  The tricky part is children are drawn to more vibrant colors, so asking a child what color room they want will likely get you a jarring, bold color like the hottest of pinks or the brightest shade of neon green.  While this is great information to help us get a general color idea, extremely vibrant and bold colors on the wall are fun in but they are not necessarily practical.

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Beach Plum Benjamin Moore


Creating a calm and relaxing environment in a child’s bedroom is key because this is where they sleep, study and play.   Just like the colors throughout our homes, the color on the walls sets the tone and makes the biggest impact on us.  Vibrant and bold wall colors are happy and fun but these colors can be jarring and simply by diffusing the vibrancy of a color with 50% white, we are still giving a child the color that they love but we turn these colors into calmer wall colors. Those vibrant colors can still be used in bedding and accessories but the surrounding walls set the tone for a more relaxing environment:

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Armour Pink Sherwin Williams


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Sweet Bluette Benjamin Moore


Another trick is to use a vibrant/bold color only on an accent wall or ceiling. This is a great compromise in working in those colors without color overload:

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Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via

It really helps to show a child images of finished rooms from catalogs like Pottery Barn Kids, rather than asking them to choose a color from paint cards or a fan deck. This helps them get use to the idea of a more diffused color and they can better tell you what they are drawn to and what they like.


Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via
Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via

Dior Gray Benjamin Moore


One last little trick is to consider painting a child’s room all white and saving the vibrant colors for bedding, art and accessories. As children grow older, their favorite colors change so much and this ensures that the wall color will work with everything long term. I recently painted my daughter’s room all white and we had fun with the vibrant colors with her bedding and all of the paint projects that we did:

Girl's bright and bold bedroom revamp.  Several fun DIY projects.  The Creativity Exchange
via The Creativity Exchange


If you’re interested in seeing more of the DIY projects that we did for my daughter’s room revamp, you can find that post here on my blog.

Here are some other examples of white kid bedrooms where those vibrant colors were worked into the accessories/bedding and art:

Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via
Best Paint Colors for Children's Rooms via

It’s so fun to revamp a child’s bedroom and the temptation to create a vibrant and bold space is hard to resist. Hopefully I have shown you today that you can still have that fun and bright space with calmer/diffused wall colors. Choosing colors that your child will love for several years makes all of the difference in so many ways!

Thanks for stopping by today and if you’re looking for more color inspiration and palettes, you can find me over at The Creativity Exchange.


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