Yellow Spray-Painted Lamp Makover


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Our apartment has very little light in the bedrooms. When the sun goes down, our little home turns into a cave. It was time to get some lamps.
I saw this lamp online and immediately wanted it, but not for $98.95. I knew I would have to make my own!

We bought the lamp below for only $4.99 from the Goodwill. We made sure it worked by testing it in Goodwill bathroom outlet. We loved the look of it because it reminds us of a pineapple. After lightly sanding some of the parts where it was chipping, and a full cleaning, we spray painted it yellow. A very easy, cheap solution to what I see as a big problem (no light).

The big reveal:

Lamp= $4.99
Shade= $5.99
Sandpaper, masking tape= already had
Spray Paint= $3.50 ish
Total= $14.50
And here it is again:

Check out more cool lamps like this one:

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  1. This was a great transformation! And I love the sunny, yellow color. I’m going to Good Will to look for lamps.

  2. I like your version much better than the one that you found online! Gotta love Ross for inexpensive lamp shades…..can’t beat it!!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! How easy is the lamp make-over! Gotta try that! I’ve just started my own blog! Hope I can inspire others as well!

  4. Was a primer not needed? How do you know when you need a primer and when you don’t on a spray-paint project? Thanks!

    1. Hey Kelly, I am not sure of the science behind it… I have never used a primer up until recently. What I know now, is that primer makes the paint go on better. I am sold on primer from now on.

      But I think the thought behind not using primer is that spray paint is oil based and therefore primer in not always necessary to create a good adhesion.

        1. Hi Dorothy! This was a guest post from many years ago so I’m afraid I don’t know the specific color name. Hope you can find one that’s just right!

  5. This looks amazing! I like yours way better than the one you saw online – the design is just perfect!! I just bought some tall lamps at Walmart for $4 – only problem is they are BRIGHT purple. I figure I’d buy then, look online and see if I could find a tutorial to paint them, and if not I’d just return them.
    Can you tell me what brand of paint you used? I’m debating between Krylon and Rustoleum and everything I’ve read seems to be split down the middle. I’ve used krylon before and noticed it is pretty drippy, but I’ve never used Rustoleum and actually I’ve only used spray paint that one time. Tips, tricks, advice you have to share would be much appreciated!! =o)
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Gladys, I love Rustoleum, it is usually my spray paint of choice if I can find the color i want. The key is REALLY light coats! Even if it takes a few extra coats, go light on the paint in each application!

      Good Luck!

  6. I found a great chalkware lamp marked 1959 at my G-will. It is a brown and cream pattern…sanded off the chipped spots and ready for a make over. But wondering what colors would look good on this…has some walnut wood at the top of the base.

    1. Kathy, I really think it depends on your decor. Find a color that fits in well with what you have. If it were me, i would paint over the wood too…

  7. I noticed several people asking what color of spray paint you used but I couldn’t find your reply. Could you let me know what color and brand you used? Thanks so much!