Urban Paradise: Master the Industrial Design Magic!

Step into the world of urban paradise where industrial design reigns supreme, turning ordinary spaces into captivating and functional environments. Industrial design, characterized by raw materials, exposed structures, and a blend of functionality and aesthetics, has become a popular trend in contemporary interior design

It is all about embracing the rugged charm of raw, unrefined materials like exposed brick, concrete, and metal. If you’re eager to infuse your home with a touch of this urban chic, you’re in luck!

Discover a selection of our top DIY projects to help you achieve the perfect industrial vibe.

Coffee Table With Faux Metal Base

1 DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table 13 034040
Photo Credit: This Mama’s Dance for Remodelaholic.

If you have been enchanted with the metal based coffee table trend that is showing up in all of the stores, you will love this idea. It uses faux metal for the base and pulls off a designer look.

Find out how to make this coffee table with a faux metal base here.

Industrial Faux Pipe Shelves

DIY Industrial Shelf Built With PVC Pipe Sawdust 2 Stitches On Remodelaholic 035747
Photo Credit: Sawdust 2 Stitches for Remodelaholic.

This shelf unit looks awesome. It has a stylish industrial look but uses a cheap option you might not expect; pvc pipe. Read the instructions to make your own modern industrial shelf unit here.

Industrial Locker Basket Mail Organizer

2a DIY Locker Basket Mail Organizer 4 Of 7 034217
Photo Credit: Bless’er House for Remodelaholic.
This idea makes a mail station that looks great and will be super handy in keeping your family organized. Find out how to recreate an industrial locker basket mail organizer here.

Modern Wood and Metal Coffee Table

3a Metal And Wood Coffee Table Tutorial Plaster And Disaster Featured On Remodelaholic 034151
Photo Credit: Plaster and Disaster for Remodelaholic.

Get the modern industrial look without spending big bucks at a popular store. You will love the sleek lines this table offers to your living or family room. Find out how to make a modern wood and metal coffee table here.

Rustic Industrial Monogrammed Letters

Front View Rustic Industrial Letters MyLove2Create For Remodelaholic (1) 040213
Photo Credit: My Love 2 Create for Remodelaholic.
Add a unique touch to your space with these rustic industrial monogrammed letters. They will look perfect in any room of your home, and you can save a ton of money by making these instead of ordering from an online shop. Find out how to make these monogrammed letters here.

Salvaged Industrial Bar Set

4a Industrial Bar Table Built Of Salvaged Materials By Salvage Sister And Mister Featured On @Remodelaholic 768x1024 034055
Photo Credit: Salvage Sister and Mister for Remodelaholic.
This bar set is unique, and if you have access to truck parts, you are going to want to make it for yourself. It adds a fabulous industrial feel to your space while upcycling trash to treasure. Learn how this industrial bar set was made here.

Mudroom Locker System

5 Magnet Board And Mudroom Locker System Two Thirty Five Designs On Remodelaholic 034209
Photo Credit: Two Thirty Five Designs for Remodelaholic.
If you have kids in the house, you are going to want to steal this idea for your own use. Adding an industrial locker system to your mudroom keeps everyone’s stuff out of sight, in their own spot for easy access and less lost items. Find out how to make a mudroom locker system here.

How To Style Industrial Shelves for Cheap

6 Industrial Office Shelving 1 Of 21 034030
Photo Credit The Bless’er House: for Remodelaholic.

If you have been thinking about adding industrial shelves to your home, but worry about making them look stylish, you need to read this post. It has ideas to help you style your shelves on the cheap. Get the details for styling industrial shelves here.

Industrial Sink

7a Industrial Bathroom Vanity Base 034145
Photo Credit: Domestic Imperfection for Remodelaholic.

Give your bathroom a great look with function and style, with this industrial sink. You will love the modern look of this in your bathroom. Find all of the details of this industrial sink here.

Wood and Metal Industrial Shelves

8a Wood And Metal Bookshelf Ikea Hack By Real Happy Space Featured On @Remodelaholic 034201
Photo Credit: Real Happy Space for Remodelaholic.

Grab a $15 shelf unit from ikea and get busy with this DIY. Your shelves are going to look amazingly high end, while you spend only a few bucks in supplies to accomplish this dramatic transformation. Learn how to make your own wood and metal industrial shelves from ikea shelves here.

Weathered Metal Magnetic Board

9a Weathered Industrial Art For Your Home By The Winthrop Chronicles Featured On Remodelaholic 034103
Photo Credit: The Winthrop Chronicles for Remodelaholic.
This metal board has a weathered look that I find irresistible. Make this to display photos in style in your home for an easy industrial accent. Find out how you can make this weathered metal magnetic board here.

Easy Rustic Industrial Picture Frame

10 Industrial Picture Frame By The Winthrop Chronicles Featrued On Remodelaholic 034125
Photo Credit: The Winthrop Chronicles for Remodelaholic.

This easy rustic frame has an industrial look that is stunning. You will love this budget friendly idea for displaying your favorite photos and works of art. Find out how to make these rustic industrial frames here.

Sawhorse Sofa Table

11a DIY Sawhorse Sofa Table14 1 768x576 034116
Photo Credit: Twelve on Main for Remodelaholic.
Make this sofa table in an afternoon for a rustic look that adds beauty and functionality to your space. Get the details to recreate this sofa table here.

Concrete Picture Frames

12 Diy Concrete Picture Frame 041930
Photo Credit: A Piece of the Rainbow for Remodelaholic.
Add a unique industrial touch to your desk or mantle with these concrete picture frames. They are easy to make and budget friendly. Make a few to display all of your favorite photos. You can find the directions to make your own industrial photo frames here.

Industrial Window Shower Door

13a Diy Industrial Factory Window Shower Door 1 Of 2 768x1152 034047
Photo Credit: The Bless’er House for Remodelaholic.
Use your existing builder grade shower door and a can of spray paint to achieve a faux industrial window shower door. This idea is unique, looks marvelous and will cost less than $60 to make. Find the details to give your shower an industrial window look here.

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