5 Tips for Spring Cleaning in Your Garage

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home, use these tips for spring cleaning in your garage to easily get it organized for the summer months.

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The spring season brings the feeling of new life and rebirth. Every year, around this time, I get so excited and motivated to do spring cleaning in my space! 

The garage is one of those places that a lot of people just don’t know what to do with. It is a daunting task because your garage can end up looking dirty, cluttered, and many people’s garages are simply not a space they want to show off. Besides that, the messier it is, the less space you have. It can feel so frustrating knowing you can only fit one (or zero!) cars in a 2-car garage, and no amount of deep cleaning will fix a lack of clarity and purpose in your space.

Take advantage of that warmer weather to get your space back this spring with these spring cleaning ideas:

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1. Organize

One of the best ways to spring clean your garage is to put new organizational structures into place for your larger items. One of our top recommendations to make it a more functional space is to get rid of any ugly cardboard boxes you have.

Getting yourself some clearly labeled, matching plastic bins is a good idea to add some vertical storage without spending much time on the process. This is the first step to take if you’d like an easy fix for some normal, small-scale clutter.

2. Hang Everything Up

Perhaps the best way to keep a clean garage is to find ways to hang up many items you’d never usually hang up. Wall hooks, peg boards, magnetic strips, lattice, and wall racks are all different items that you can use to hang up your belongings.

A few items you can hang up in your garage are lawn chairs, garden tools, bikes cleaning supplies like brooms and dustpans, or small tools like screwdrivers. This can save a lot of floor space, and hangers like these can change the entire layout of your garage.

You can hang up items that you don’t usually use up high, and items like reguarly-used tools on lower, accessible hangers that make them even easier for you to use.

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3. Install Cabinets

Even if you have everything technically organized, your space can still look messy. So many items like sports equipment, gardening tools, and holiday decorations that people usually keep in a garage are oddly shaped, and not nice to look at.

You can install custom-made cabinets to hide away all of those miscellaneous items in cabinets to make the entire space match your personal style. If you don’t have enough space inside the garage, you can also add cabinets outside the garage.

If you can’t add more storage space outside and cabinets don’t work for you, you can install higher shelves that can function in a similar way.

4. Chalkboard Paint

Your spring cleaning project can be easily transformed with a little bit of chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can go a long way to make it feel as if you have extra storage in your garage. This is one of those good tips for a house that feels clean and organized. 

When you have chalkboard paints on bins, drawers, lower shelves, or cabinet doors, you can add labels like “seasonal items” or “yard equipment” on the front of each storage space. This prevents you from having to make all-inclusive labels that need to stay the same until you create new labels.

With a little planning, you can use chalkboard paint and cute chalk paint markers as a tool to really optimize your space, and they can look so cute and special, especially if you learn how to write cute calligraphy or lettering of any font you’d like on the chalkboard painted surfaces.

5. Spice Up Your Garage Door

Maybe your garage space is fine on the inside, but the outside doesn’t match your goals. There are a lot of ways you can make your garage door look appealing, and show that it’s in good condition. We actually have a full blog post of 8 DIY Garage Door Updates that you can check out for some amazing tips to make your space more beautiful. These are the 8 ideas presented in that post:

  • Paint + Glaze
  • Gel Stain
  • Wood Overlay
  • Faux Painted Hardware
  • DIY Carriage Hardware
  • Faux Painted Garage Windows
  • Add Trim to Windows
  • Paint + Wood

Make sure to check out the full post to learn how you can use these tricks on your own garage door! The transformations we’ve seen have been absolutely stunning.

Hopefully these spring cleaning tips give you some ideas beyond just discarding old items, Marie Kondo style, and deep cleaning. Regular maintenance can really help you keep it looking beautiful and organized over time.

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