How to Add a Wood Plank Wall to your Home

Today we are SO thrilled to welcome the amazing Jamie and Morgan from Construction2Style back, for their first post as part of our contributor team! Wahoo!! We know you loved them here  and here… and here and here… so we are so excited to have them here sharing regularly. Show them all that Remodelaholic love and give them a warm welcome back!

Ohhh we are so happy to share this project with our Remodelaholics! If you follow us on Instagram you have already seen all of the fun we had on this remodel. So we’re even more pumped to show you the full before and after of this bathroom design along with step by step details and how you can add your own wood plank walls to your home in 5 simple steps.

Adding a stained wood plank wall adds so much warmth and character to a room! This DIY tutorial shows you how to make it look perfect.

How To Install a DIY Wood Plank Wall
by construction2style


As you can see, we did a complete overhaul of this bathroom. The one thing we knew we wanted within this design was the wood plank wall. We wanted to create a space to feel like a spa, a calm environment by bringing in earthy tones and textures. The easiest way to bring warmth into any space is by using wood materials. So we decided that we were going to create a large wood plank wall centered right behind a beautiful free standing tub to create this experience. So let’s get started!

How to Build a Wood Plank Wall | Remodelaholic


  • 4×8 sheets of maple veneer sheeting
  • Nails
  • Stain
  • Sander
  • Liquid Nails (caulking)

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The first step to any bathroom remodel as you know is demo. We completely gutted the entire room which you can read more about here.

bathroom demo before remodel and wood plank walls

Once we demo’d the entire space it was time to get the room back in order. That white wall right there was our blank canvas for the wood plank wall.

How to Build a Wood Plank Wall | Remodelaholic

1. Choose Material

The first step is to choose your material. There are a ton of different types of wood and great options you can choose from, so it ultimately comes down to the look of the space you are wanting.

Our design plan stemmed from the Kohler Design Center, where they had beautiful clean and smooth wood panels within their showrooms. So to create this look for this project we used 4×8 sheets of maple veneer sheeting. We then we cut the sheets down into 4″ planks. From measuring the wall where the planks would be going we determined that we would need a little less than 2 sheets of material. You can also get your material cut at Home Depot or your local hardware store if you’re a little nervous about getting your edges perfectly straight.

2. Stain Wood

Once you have chosen the type of material and cut down your sheets, it’s time to stain. Again, choosing the color of the stain is dependent on the type of look you are going for.

How to Build a Wood Plank Wall | Remodelaholic

For this project, we got a custom stain to match the rest of the trim and woodwork in the home. We then got two additional color stains, tinting one darker and one lighter than the original to create dimension within the design. We also custom built the vanities within this reno and matched them perfectly to the wood plank wall as well.


3. Create Design

Once your wood planks are stained, sealed and dried it’s time to create your design layout. Depending on the space of your room will depend on the length to cut your panels. The key is to just ensure that no piece ever lines up with the one above or below.

One of the most classic designs is the brick pattern. With this pattern each of the rows is offset by a half of the boards width. It’s a timeless layout that looks great in any room and with any material.

We also decided to create a niche within the plank wall, so of course there was a spot to set the ambiance with some candle decor. We created the niche by removing the drywall and framing a rectangular piece back in, just high enough for perfect placement above the tub.

4. Measure and Cut

Once you have created your design layout it’s time to measure, cut and hang. We cut the boards as we were placing them up onto the walls, following our brick stacked pattern. To figure out our length to cut the boards, we measured the width of the wall and divided it by 3.

5. Hang

Our favorite part, watching your design and project all come together. We started just above the niche, gluing our first board into place with caulking, liquid nails. We then gradually moved up making sure each board was stalked half way over the board underneath.

how to install a stacked brick pattern stained wood plank wall

If you don’t have a niche to worry about, we would have started at the top left hand corner. If starting at the top, ensure your ceiling is perfectly level. We started above the niche because we wanted a perfect piece just above the niche as we knew eyes would be drawn there. Wherever you start just continue your design, adding one plank at a time and one row at a time and working your way up or down.

how to install a stacked brick pattern stained wood plank wall



And here it is! Our finished wood plank panel wall! What do you think? You got this, right?!

The bathroom is typically where you start and end your day, so it only makes sense that you would want a beautiful space to set your mood. We had so much fun with this project and not just the wood plank wall, so of course we can’t leave out all of the finishing details.

Beautiful bathroom renovation with DIY wood plank wall

Beautiful bathroom renovation with DIY wood plank wall

Beautiful bathroom renovation with DIY wood plank wall

Beautiful bathroom renovation with DIY wood plank wall

Can’t wait to see all of your wood planks walls! And make sure to tag us at construction2style so we don’t miss your projects and hashtag #imaremodelaholic for a chance to be featured!

Beautiful bathroom renovation with DIY wood plank wall @Remodelaholic

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