100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas


Sometime you want a new look for a room but your budget is limited to paint?  Am I right?  Have you been there?  Or if you are there right now, I thought it would be fun to look at a round up of creative painting ideas, and when I say creative, some are on the crazy side but SO cool!  These ideas may not be right for every single room in your house, in fact, I would use these ideas sparingly so you don’t get overloaded, but there are definitely some great ideas for using paint around… so here you go!.

p.s. The great thing is, if you have a decent base color a lot of these ideas can be accomplished with just a pint or I daresay a sample sized paint purchase on top of that original paint color, so that sounds pretty budget friendly to me.

Also, some of these ides might be wallpaper or some other type of surface, but I think the idea could be done in paint which is why I shared those images.

100+ Interior Painting Ideas

100+ Wall painting ideas @remodelaholic #painting #walls #design #inspiration


wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-6

I love the tone on tone chevron stripe in this bedroom above that we saw at a local homeshow.

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-23

If you like chevron stripes, you must try this tutorial featured at Remodelaholic by A Commoner’s Castle

colorful chevron

Then of course this colorful version for a nursery! Vie eHOw

rainbow stripes

Rainbow stripes!  Great sample paint project!!  Via Sweet Peach Blog

small stripes

Small stripes (technically Washi tape, but could be done with paint!) Via Ann Kelle

multi color stripes

Multi-color stripes Source Unknown

wavy painted stripes on wall

What about these great wavy stripes source unknown

wavy painted stripe walls

More natural wavy stripes idea Via Homeizy


This dining room is stunningly beautiful!  I love the omber stripes, and calming wall colors (plus a fun pop or coral red)!  Featured here on Remodelaholi with a tutorial by House for Five.

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-15

Love the vertical stripes in this  teen boy bedroom!

stripes up to the ceiling

This great nursery would work from baby to teen!  Carrying the stripes to the ceiling is so pleasing to the eye! Via Sketch 42

large scale stripes going all directions overlapping painted onto wall

Large scale stripes Via Desire to Inspire

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-3

I simple horizontal stripe in these next few rooms can be done in different ways but looks great.  And is SUPER easy!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-14

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-18

Just one simple stripe of an accent color!

freehand painted stripe on wall

Freehand stripe!  Via The Glow 

Color Washing:

watercolor stripes

Swoon, these water color stripes are to die for! Via Design Sponge


 This vertical blue ombre wall Via Decoist


Or a Horizontal Ombre wall Via P.S. I made This

 ombre scalloped wall painted wall inspiration

Scalloped Ombre Wall (I would paint the bottom layer first and work my way up instead of how they did this, to make it a LOT easier!  Via Everyday Is a Holiday

unfinshed wall

Partially painted wall… not for the faint of heart Source Unknown

Color Blocking-

Large Stripe

Love this large scale stripe color blocking.  Vi Mod Home Ec

color cblocking walls

This half wall color block is so interesting!  Love how they painted the door too! Via Hen House


And this one, just a black paint wainscot, the room is gorgeous but so simple.  Source unknown

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas

The simple painted frames on the wall give this room a lot of interest and I love how they frame the bed!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-13

This large stripe with alternating blocks of color is a fun idea for a kids room!

large shape on wall

This room definitely has some heart!  Via The Style Files

 Stencils and Faux Wallpaper-

ikat herringbone stencil

This is one of my favorite stencil projects that I have ever seen, an Ikat herringbone wall.  Via Kurtz Corner

herringbone teen girl painted wall

Easy to make happen herringbone wall, just a little bit of tape.  Source Unknown


Another painterly herringbone Via Apartment Therapy

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-4

Painterly wallpapers can be done by hand, keep in mind perfection is not necessary ( not ideal even!)…  See those colorful birds on  the back wall?  Well, they are actually wallpaper, but could be done free hand or with a stencil pretty easily like these ones below, only in different bright colors!!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-9wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-10

Love how this looks like wallpaper (above) but is actually painted on!  This was designed by Wright Design and Tracee G Design.

abstract painted wallpaper idea

I love this abstract painted wallpaper idea too! Via Little Green Notebook



More abstract art walls also featured on Little Green Notebook.

hand drawn wall paper idea

Another great hand drawn wallpapers!  Via Dykast

simple paint stamp look

A simple paint stamp.  Source Unknown

stencil of small blocks in large scale shape

This make be tile, bit I think you can take the dot idea  from above a little further, try it to creat a larger patten instead of lines. Via VT Interiors

simple small section of stencil on a bedroom wall as accent

This guest room needed just a little something to make it pop.  Just a bit of silver paint only $2.50  and a handmade stencil created a fun feature!  Featured on Remodelaholic here by House by Numbers

single stencil stripe

Another single stripe of Stencil Source Unknown


We can’t all afford a brand new back splash… or can we?  The faux subway tile back splash would be cool in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom!  Featured on Remodelaholic here.  by Sweet Parrish Place


This simple painterly stencil can do one whole wall in about an hour or less, believe me I know!…

DIY Faux Wallpaper Painted Large Scale Stencil on Wall (4)

This handmade stencil looks great in this entry!  See how you can do it yourself!

free modern painted wall border great for a bathroom

I love this simple modern stencil border, it would make a great back splash in a kitchen, and you won’t believe what she used to create it…hint we all have one of these for free!  Featured on Remodelaholic right here.  by House Tweaking

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas

Faux Bois is a classic pattern!  I love this free hand, large scale versions for this girl’s nook!

Featured on Remodelaholic here  by  Primitive and Proper

Faux Bois Accent wall

Speaking of Faux Bois, what about an entire wall done to look like rustic wood… LOVE! Via Traditional Home.

faux bois in non traditional colors

Or try it in a non traditional color! Via Houzz

faux Bois tool

All you need is one of these and little know how:  Faux Bois Tip post

birch wallpaper look

Love this birch painted wall look by Fresh Crush

animal print large scale painted wall

Large scale Animal print Via Paint a Lifestyle

Faux Molding- wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-8

In my daughter’s room I created faux molding panels with a little bit of left over paint!  Easy and effective!

painted faux molding idea

I love this faux molding idea too!  Source Unknown


Another trompe L’oeil molding Source Unknown

fsux pinted panel molding wall

Some more faux panels! Via Apartment Therapy

framed gallery in paint block

Framed in Paint Gallery Wall Via Apartment Therapy

faux door trim interior painting ideas

How about the faux doorway molding?!!  Via Fauxology

Murals or Artsy Painting Ideas

large scale print

Large Scale Print Painted directly on wall Via Hometalk

Murals, are tricky, you have to have the right eye, but there are some cool ones…

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-5

Love this graffiti wall in this basement workout room, from the UV Parade of homes 2012.

Superhero Room Skyline 2

This adorable wall mural, is a great feature for any superhero lover!

Featured at Remodelaholic here by Sugar Tot Designs

city painted wall mural for little girl

And for the girls this city mural is adorable Via Minor Details.  I would buy the dark color and add some left over white for a second color when I got home.

bathroom wall mural

Another great project that takes just a tiny bit of paint!  I love this modern mural in this bathroom, especially how the mirror and light overlap!  Featured at Remodelaholic here. by Hey Now, Whoa Now!

tween-girls-room-with-horse-theme-turqouise-and-brown (4)

Any girl in your house love ponies?  I LOVE this wall mural!

Featured and Remodelaholic here.  By The Yellow Cape Cod


This outline world map on a wall looks so great!  See it featured on Remodelaholic here by Burlap and Denim


These flowers were inspired by the bedding on her little girls bed, a great place to start!

Featured on Remodelaholic here. by Racks and Mooby

 Boys Nursery bedroom with large animal graphic mural (1)

This nursery feature wall was also inspired by the decorative sheets they found.  Featured on Remodelaholic here.

paint-by-number-mural-creative painting-ideas-interior-painting-ideas-nursery-3

Super creative and graphic this large scale paint by number wall is amazing! At The Lettered Cottage

wall mural tree outline

Love this tree Mural!  You could do with a Sharpie!  Source Unknown

powder room remodel 008[5]

This modern bathroom’s trees are actually vinyl but just a little bit of the leftover paint from below and you could easily paint them on yourself!  Featured on Remodelaholic here.  By The DIY Diaries

painting wall idea

I’ve seen art like this but I LOVE the idea of doing a wall!  By Signed by Tina


The opposite of the above… dark lines where the paint had been!!  Via Design Sponge

goovy painted wall multi color

A modern mural that is fun inside or out Via Table Tonic


This idea would be cool, just use a stencil and white paint marker (or a sharpie on a light collored wall)  from Bella Tucker


 This fabulous mural would be so beautiful done free hand! Via Wall and Deco

Repeated Pattern and Geometric Shapes on Walls

navy herringbone wall

Navy Herringbone wall! Via Birch and Bird

herringbone laundry room accent wall

Neutral multi color herringbone wall Featured on Remodelaholic here by Design Build Love

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-16

Large scale Polka Dot wall!

Circle wall feature

More circles, but a little more modern! Via Houzz

trangle painted wall idea

Color and geometry!  love this wall Via Design Sponge

nterior painting ideas triangle stencil

Triangle Feature wall, I love how they painted a few triangles different colors!  Found via Cute Stencils


More triangles, different spacing!  Via Urban Walls


Love the pattern these triangles make!  Via Chasing Paper

graphic painted wall pattern

Love this graphic pattern!  Huge impact! Via Styled Haven

creative painting ideas star stencil wall

Large Scale stars!  LOVE!  Source unknown


This easy plaid look is fun Via Southern Hospitality

small squares in silver

Small squares painted in silver Via Houzz

diagonal squares painted in several colors

Great Multi Color Squares Via Design Sponge

Diamond painted wall detail

Diamond painted Wall look Via Little Green Notebook


Very large scale Stencil! Via Fauxology


Chalkboard walls, they’ve been done, but the great thing is that they can keep being reinvented…

chalkboard wall for girls bedroom

Like this teenage girls room, I would do this with chalk pens… Via Anthropolgie

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-17

This wall for example is a dry erase wall!  I love that you could do any color you like, and your favorite artist can create some great art!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-19

Classic chalkboard wall, and think how you could share different uplifting quotes!… so fun!   From the UV Parade of Homes 2013.

Chalkboard accent wall in different color

Love the different color of this chalkboard wall! Via Redbook



Don’t have cash for art?  Paint some on your wall!  Just print out a word of your choice, in a font you love, trace it on to the wall and fill it in with some paint! via Design Sponge

typography painted wall

Easiest Idea ever!  Large scale letter art, simple and beautiful! Found at  Nursery Notations

Typography in stairwell

It works with numbers too!  Love the modern feel of the large scale numbers on these stairs! Via IdN

Hello typography

For an entry, a cheerful greeting Via Scrap Studio

favorite book wall text

Love a particular chapter of a book, paint it onto a wall… Via When Boredom Strikes

text on walls again

Or do it is a script font like this versions Via BuzzFeed


The often forgotten 6th wall….

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-22

A bright, unexpected color on the wall might be just what your room needs!


Yellow Striped Ceiling Via Habitually Chic

circus tent painted ceiling

Circus tent Ceiling Stripes Via Anna Truelsen

 polka dot ceiling idea

Polka Dot Ceiling Via Our Fifth House

What great interior painting ideas do you have?!  Share them with us!  I would love to include them in another round up!  IF you got any great ideas from this post please consider sharing or pinning it!  THANKS!

100 interior wall painting ideas at Remodelaholic.com #painting #walls #design #inspiration

All picture in this image are sources where possible or were taken by myself at the local parade of homes.

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  1. Crystal says

    Amazing!! It took me a while to get through the whole list….I was in awe and just enjoying all the amazing ideas. Had to pin quite a few too!! Thanks for the great post!! Awesome ideas!!

  2. says

    What a fantastic round up of painted walls, I have saved this to my favourites as I know Ill be back for ideas soon! I used the colour block (teal/white/black) photo as inspiration to paint stripes on my entrance wall – it started out as light grey and dark grey but after knocking a chunk out the wall just weeks after I finished it, I added a teal stripe as well and absolutely love it :) You can see my stripe project here http://jarrahjungle.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/the-painted-stripes-project-take-2.html

  3. says

    Wow! There are so many great ideas here! I love the last picture with the polka dots on the ceiling. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration!

  4. says

    THanks so much I just pinned away. I love painted walls I have a chalkboard hallway, a striped laundry room ceiling and a modern tree stencil all within my home. I’m always looking for inspiration Lesley

  5. jessica says

    I love all of these! Especially the gray birds in that mudroom, do you have the link to where you found it?

  6. says

    This is such a fantastic collection of ideas! I love the idea of writing an entire chapter of a book on a wall–totally something I would do! A lot of these ideas would be easy to do with wall decals and removable wallpaper like that you can find over at WallsNeedLove.com. There are polka dots, birds on a wire, and lots of stripes in every imaginable color. Plenty of chevron removable wallpaper in lots of colors, too.
    Thanks for the great post!

  7. Tessy Kolawole says

    Good work I love them all.pls.can you help me send picture via my email pls. Am just a learner try to start painting work.pls.,,pls

  8. shardae says

    I love this blog. There are some fun ideas in here. And when you get bored with one try a different one. Check out sawdustandembryos.com. Bethany has some amazing walls in her house and she paints back splashes too.

  9. alison says

    need Modern statement wall.. Any ideas out there? Like a Jonathan Adler style or basketweave 70’s chic,,, Retro, Mid Century Modern..

    Thanks! Anyone in Florida want to do it with me or for me?

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