DIY Budget-Friendly White Kitchen Renovation with Shiplap Backsplash

As we continue with our Holiday Guest Series, we’re so excited to introduce another amazing blogger: Sarah from All Things with Purpose is here today to share her beautiful and affordable Fixer Upper style kitchen renovation and a “cheat” for a shiplap backsplash, plus how she turned her not-so-functional pantry into a great coffee bar! Welcome, Sarah! 

Diy Two Tone Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation With Shiplap Backsplash, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

DIY Kitchen Renovation
by Sarah of All Things With Purpose

Hey there! I’m Sarah and I blog over at All Things with Purpose. I am so excited to be joining you here today on Remodelaholic to share my amazingly inexpensive kitchen remodel! If you have further questions about this project, or want to come visit me to see any of my other easy and budget friendly DIY’s, I’d love to have you.


A few of my favorite DIY’s include…

Now, onto my kitchen renovation!

Before I go on, here is a lovely BEFORE PICTURE:

Oak Kitchen Before Renovation, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

And the AFTER…

Oak Kitchen Updated With Paint And Shiplap Backsplash, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

Did I mention that I did all this for around $300?!

It’s true.

We have an unusual living situation because my husband is a Pastor and the home we live in belongs to our church. Since we don’t own it, we are more like renters or “caretakers” of the home, and improvements we do must stay very budget friendly. We had been living in this home for almost 10 years, which was 10 years too long, to live with those outdated oak cabinets.

*Yes, you can all laugh in my face when oak makes a comeback.

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A dated oak kitchen got a new budget-friendly farmhouse style with these creative DIY projects, including a DIY shiplap backsplash from peel and stick tiles. Get the details from All Things with Purpose on

Here’s what I did

  • Removed the upper cabinets from above the bar area
  • Removed the doors on two upper cabinets around the stove
  • Cleaned cabinets with liquid sander
  • Primed everything using Stix Primer
  • Installed a faux shiplap backsplash using peel and stick vinyl floor planks (details below)
  • Removed the bi-fold doors to the pantry and all the shelves
  • Hung the upper cabinet (that was above the bar) in the old pantry
  • Bought a used lower cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for in the pantry
  • Used 2×6 boards to create a faux butchers block counter in the pantry turned coffee bar
  • Painted the upper cabinets with Benjamin Moore Advanced paint in Dove White
  • Painted the lower cabinets with Benjamin Moore Advanced paint in Kendall Charcoal
  • Painted the walls with Glidden paint in Smooth Stone
  • Painted a faux marble finish on the countertops using Stix primer, Glidden flat white paint and charcoal craft paint and a Giani brand Top Coat. Find the tutorial for painted countertops: here.
  • Installed recessed lighting in bulkheads
  • New switch plate covers
  • Installed a new trash can inside a cabinet
  • Clean and organized, decluttered and downsized!

Gray And White Farmhouse Kitchen Diy Update, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

Price Breakdown of Major Improvements

  • Stix Primer – $50
  • Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint for Cabinets – $100
  • Top Coat for Countertops – $25
  • Glidden Wall Paint – $25
  • Peel ‘n Stick Vinyl Flooring, Centurity brand from Menards (for backsplash) – $20
  • Used Lower Cabinet – $20
  • Recessed Lighting – $60
  • 2 4X6 Wood Planks – $8

Pantry Converted to a Coffee Bar

Turn A Pantry Into A Coffee Bar, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

I’m so excited about this coffee bar area! The base cabinet was $20 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the upper was repurposed from the cabinet that used to hang over the bar. I used 4×6 planks to create a faux butcher’s block counter. THIS IS NOT DONE! It’s one major thing I have yet to finish. It still needs to be sealed and polyurethaned. But it was close enough to take a few pictures.

Here is a BEFORE…

Before Pantry Turned Coffee Bar, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

One issue that had to be tackled after demolishing the pantry and turning it into a coffee bar, was where to store the trash can! I am so excited about this kit I found which turned an annoying corner cabinet into a useful and custom feeling, slide out trash storage.

Faux Shiplap Backsplash Using Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring

This DIY peel and stick shiplap backsplash tutorial is an easy and inexpensive way to give your kitchen some farmhouse style while sticking to your budget. Details from All Things with Purpose on

One of my favorite parts about our kitchen renovation, was creating the look of shiplap, using peel and stick vinyl floor planks. This process was inexpensive and cut down on the labor and mess of installing wood shiplap.

I have now enjoyed it for a whole year and can honestly say it has been great!Diy Shiplap Backsplash Using Peel And Stick Vinyl Tiles, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

It has cleaned really well and I don’t have any spots that are coming off. I have heard from other people that went the vinyl route and weren’t so fortunate. To guarantee your planks stay in place, follow these steps:

  1. I started with a clean, dry surface. Use a liquid sander or degreaser to really get it free from all oil and residue.
  2. I started on the bottom and simply lined my first plank up with the counter. I positioned the next plank directly beside the first until I reached a corner.
  3. For my next row up, I cut a piece in half so the boards would be staggered and spaced it above the first row using a penny. The vinyl is super easy to cut and only needs to be scored with an exacto knife.
    How To Create A Diy Shiplap Backsplash Using Peel And Stick Vinyl Tiles, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic
  4. Press on each board, firmly as you go. Follow package instructions for specific pressure and timing. Some may recommend using a rolling pin.
  5. I did NOT use any added glue or nails however – I have heard some people run into problems with their planks staying on the wall. I think the success of your planks sticking depends on the cleanness of your wall and the quality of adhesive already on your planks. I had one expert give me some great tips on this – find them here.
    Farmhouse Style Faux Shiplap Backsplash Tutorial, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic
  6. I left a small space between the planks and the bottom of the cabinets. I chose not to spend time cutting any planks horizontally to fill that gap. I planned on painting my cabinets and shiplap all the same color, and figured it would blend together well.
  7. Use wood trim to finish off any exposed edges.
  8. Seal along the countertop and the edge of your plank with a clear, sink and tub grade sealant, to make sure no water creeps up under your planks.

Two Tone DIY Kitchen Renovation With DIY Shiplap Backsplash And Painted Marble Countertops, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic
Budget Friendly DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover With Painted Cabinets Faux Shiplap Backsplash, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholi

I’d love to hear your thoughts and try to answer any questions!

I’m not going to sugarcoat how much work this was, but it was totally doable. It’s a little time consuming and requires eating out for a few weeks, but in the end, you will feel so accomplished!! The painted cabinets have held up beautifully for almost a year now and I’m just as in love with them today as I was on day one.

After And Before White Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation, All Things With Purpose Featured On @remodelaholic

Sarah, your hard work turned out so beautifully! Thank you for sharing!

Remodelaholics, be sure to pop over to All Things with Purpose because you won’t want to miss Sarah’s beautiful style and DIY projects — check out her home tour here and be prepared to drool! 

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    1. Hi Sarah,
      I love this idea for a shiplap backsplash! Can you recommend a brand and/or size of the peel and stick vinyl floor planks that you used? And what type of paint?

    2. I am in love with your kitchen and so appreciate all the helpful tips and advice you shared! I also have white appliances and wanting to go the two toned cabinet route. This is so beautiful!

  1. Sarah, love the faux shiplap in the kitchen! I see you painted the vinyl the same color as the top cabinets, but did you have any issues with the penny width cracks between pieces of vinyl?

  2. I really appreciate your including your steps and the products you used on your cabinets. I tried to paint cabinets one time (a few years ago) and the paint scraped off easily.

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