16 Free DIY Barn Door Design Ideas for Your Home

Discover a world of free DIY barn door design ideas to add rustic charm to your home! Find inspiration and unleash your creativity with our collection of captivating barn door designs featuring timeless styles and unique flair that will elevate your space.

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Barn Door
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Barn doors are the sweet spot where rustic charm meets modern craftsmanship. Whether you’re renovating your space or simply looking for a creative DIY project, we’ve got you covered with a collection of awesome ideas and inspiration.

We’ll explore various design possibilities to empower you to create stunning barn door designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Barn doors are great for adding privacy and style to an area, and a barn door design can fit any style from rustic to modern. A DIY barn door can also be designed to fit a non-standard doorway, so it’s a great option for a closet or extra-wide doorway. (Match the size of your door to the width of the door frame, plus a bit.)

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, unleash your creativity, and transform your home with our collection of free barn door designs and DIY ideas. Let’s open the door to craftmanship and style to make your home decor dreams a reality!

Sliding Barn Door
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DIY Barn Door Ideas

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If you want create a stunning focal point in your space while adding some privacy or hidden storage, a DIY barn door is the way to go! With its rustic looks and alluring elegance, it is the best thing you can do to make your home welcoming while adding class to the whole space.

DIY Barn Door Designs DIY Plans

From free step-by-step tutorials to detailed woodworking plans, we’ve got the DIY barn door design to fit your style and price point!

Some of these DIY barn door designs are built from scratch, but you can also make your own barn door from an old door for a budget-friendly barn door with some extra style.

If you’re making a barn door from scratch, you won’t need a lot of fancy tools like a router or even a table saw — you can make a barn door from inexpensive pine boards with just a miter saw or circular saw! You’ll also need a drill and some screws, plus wood glue and clamps. Each barn door DIY plan will require some differences, but those basics will get you started on this project (and many more!)

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Common Question: Should a barn door match the rest of the doors in the house?

Like so many home design questions, the answer to this question is all up to your personal preference. As you can see in the gallery at the bottom of this post, even the beautiful homes in the Parade of Homes sometimes use barn doors as an accent and sometimes as a continuation of the style of the other doors.

If you’re looking to add some extra color or a pop of style, a colorful painted barn door or rustic style wood barn door can be a statement piece that contributes to your home’s unique style and color palette.

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer the door be functional but NOT a focal point, you can build or buy a barn door that matches the other doors in the house. If you’re looking for a perfect match, you can easily convert a door from a hinged door to a sliding barn door, too.

Diy Faux Barn Doors On A Sliding Bypass Closet Door 02 Featured On @Remodelaholic Edit 427x600
Bifold Doors into Faux Barn Doors by Use It or Lose It DIY for Remodelaholic

16. Faux Sliding Barn Doors (Bifold doors)

This DIY barn door project mimics the appearance of traditional sliding barn doors but utilizes bifold door hardware for a space-saving alternative. The creativity it takes to create a sliding barn door from regular old bypass closet door is impeccable! Check it out in this simple guide.

Barn Door Pantry Makeover Girl Meets Carpenter On @Remodelaholic 533x800
Pantry Barn Door from Old Door by Girl Meets Carpenter for Remodelaholic

15. Antique Door to Barn Door for Pantry

Step back in time and add a touch of vintage charm to your pantry with an Antique Door to Barn Door transformation! This creative DIY project repurposes an antique door into a functional and stylish barn door for your pantry space. Embrace the character and history of your antique find while giving it new life as a focal point in your kitchen.

DSC 8988 400x600
Interior Door into Rolling Barn Door by The Created Home for Remodelaholic

14. DIY Barn Door From an Interior Door

This elegant and affordable barn door is made from your existing interior door. With a few simple tools and techniques, you can transform your plain interior door into a stylish barn door that adds character and charm to any room like in this tutorial.

How To Build A Sliding Barn Door Console For Your Man Cave 21
Sliding Barn Doors for Cabinets by Diva of DIY for Remodelaholic

13. Sliding Barn Door Entertainment Center

Look no further than the Sliding Barn Door Entertainment Center! It’s the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern functionality. Get ready to jazz up your space with this stylish DIY project that promises to elevate both the look and organization of your home entertainment setup! You can add a rolling barn door to a bookcase for extra hidden storage, too.

Diy Chevron Barn Door Building Tutorial Emily Seaton On @Remodelaholic 11 600x755
DIY Chevron Barn Door by Emily Seaton for Remodelaholic

12. DIY Chevron Barn Door

If you’re a fan of geometric patterns and rustic aesthetics, the DIY chevron barn door with herringbone pattern is sure to catch your eye. This design adds a modern twist to the classic barn door style, making it a perfect addition to this bathroom remodel. 

Here’s the complete tutorial from Emily Seaton (or get the detailed woodworking plan here).

Barn Door Straight View
DIY Rolling Barn Door + DIY Hardware by Jamie Costiglio for Remodelaholic

11. DIY Sliding Barn Door + Inexpensive Hardware

For those on a budget, the DIY Wooden Sliding Barn Door with Inexpensive Hardware is a great option. This design proves that you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a stylish and functional barn door like what Jamie did in this tutorial.

Swedish Clock Finals Wall 015 Cropped And Fixed Small
DIY Dutch Barn Door Baby Gate by Remodelaholic

10. DIY Dutch Barn Door

Add a unique look to your home with this DIY Dutch Barn Door step-by-step instructions and the detailed woodworking plan. This unique design features a split door style that adds character and functionality to any space.

DIY Sliding Barn Door House Seven On @Remodelaholic 600x422
Simple DIY Barn Door by House Seven for Remodelaholic

9. Simple DIY White Barn Door

For those who prefer a clean and minimalist look, the Simple DIY White Barn Door is the perfect choice. With its crisp white paint and rustic look, this barn door adds a touch of elegance to any room. This barn door is easy to build, too, with just a few cuts requird and only one board cut at an angle for the cross piece in the middle. Paint it any color to match your style!

Barn Door From An Old Solid Core Door Makeover @Remodelaholic 65
$25 Upgraded Door Into Farmhouse Barn Door by Remodelaholic

8. Stained Wood Barn Door Upgrade from an Existing Door

This budget-friendly option allows you to transform traditional doors into stylish barn-style doors with just a few simple steps, a bit of sand paper, and a bit of wood stain. Say goodbye to boring doors and hello to a fresh new look for your home just like Justin and Cassity did in this tutorial.

UPCYCLED BARN DOOR No Title1 E1654716217758,jpg
Photo Credit: Home Made Lovely

7. Sliding Barn Door From Upcycled Wood

This eco-friendly design utilizes reclaimed wood to create a one-of-a-kind barn door that adds warmth and character to any space. Not only is this project budget-friendly, but it’s also a great way to reduce waste and embrace sustainable design practices.

Checkout this gorgeous tutorial from HomeMadeLovely.

2 DIY Sliding Barn Door Budget Friendly Over Inspired Featured On @Remodelaholic Edit 600x800
Cheap & Easy Tongue & Groove Barn Door by Over Inspired for Remodelaholic

6. Cheap & Easy DIY Barn Door

Create a stylish barn door on a dime with the Cheap & Easy DIY Barn Door project. This budget-friendly design uses affordable tongue and groove boards to prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a high-end look. 

DIY Large Barn Door
Photo Credit: Kristy Murphy

5. DIY Stikwood Barndoor

This budget-friendly design proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a high-end look just like what Kristi Murphy did in this blog. With just a few affordable materials and some basic tools, you can create a beautiful and gigantic stikwood barn door that enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Office Diys Barndoor 3e
Photo Credit: Lemon Thistle

4. DIY Modern Barn Door

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, the DIY Modern Barn Door from Lemon Thistle is the perfect choice. This sleek and stylish design adds a touch of modern sophistication to any space with its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic

Laundry After 1,jpg
Photo Credit: The Painted Hive

3. DIY Mini Barn Door

Spice up your laundry room and don’t let limited space hold you back from enjoying the beauty of barn doors. This DIY Mini Barn Door project from The Painted Hive is perfect for small spaces where traditional doors won’t fit.

DIY Cheap Sliding Doors 2
Photo Credit: The Learner Observer

GET THE FREE PLANS: How to Build a DIY Double Barn Door (with a chalkboard panel!)

2. DIY Double Barn Door

Maximize space and make a bold statement with this DIY Double Barn Door project. This design features double barn doors that slide open to reveal a lovely laundry room in this tutorial from The Learner Observer.

Herring Bone Barn Door
Photo Credit: Bower Power Blog

1. DIY Herringbone Barn Door

This sophisticated design from Bower Power Blog features a herringbone pattern that adds texture and visual interest to any room and a DIY handle that’s easy to customize. With its timeless appeal and classic charm, this DIY Herringbone Barn Door is sure to impress.

Double Barn Door Design
Photo Credit: Shutterstock // Photographer: Neil Podoll

Building a Barn Door with a Window

The simplest DIY barn door to build is a solid door like those tutorials shown above, but if you want a barn door with a window, we can help you build it!

Barn Door Hardware

When considering a DIY barn door, look at the hardware options available to you. There are single barn door rails, longer double barn door rails, and even bypass barn door hardware! You’ll also want some type of handle on the door, and most barn door users prefer to have a floor guide of some kind as well to keep the door sliding neatly along the wall.

The hardware makes the difference between updating a hinged door to look like a barn door and either building new or updating an old door to be a rolling barn door that slides on the track. Most barn door hardware leans toward rustic style, but there are also modern stainless steel and even brushed gold options that will ensure that your barn door doesn’t look like it’s from the farm! Here are some of our favorite picks for barn door rail hardware, plus some latch and handle options.

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Hate the look of barn door hardware? Class it up by hiding the rail hardware under a DIY cornice like this!

As you shop: check the barn door hardware kit for specifics about installation, including if a header board is needed and what the maximum width of the door and thickness of the door frame the hardware is designed for. Be sure to check the weight limit too – a DIY barn door built from MDF or 1-2 sheets of plywood will be heavy!

Barn Door Hardware Installation

Each barn door hardware kit will come with its own instructions, so be sure to refer to those as you install the barn door rail and attach the rollers to the door. When you install, you’ll need to mark the wall studs with a pencil and drill pilot holes so the hardware is securely attached to the wall. You’ll also need to take into account the thickness of the door frame (if any) and the distance the barn door hardware and the door itself should protrude from the frame for the look and style (and sound barrier) you want from the door.

As you can see in the gallery below, many barn door rails are installed on an extended door frame header so that the additional piece is integrated into the door framing for a seamless look. This is most easily accomplished with a flat craftsman style trim (like Corey showed you how to DIY here, with the matching window trim here) but the flat piece of trim can also be topped with other carved trim or crown molding for a more elegant style to match the other trim in the house. You could also add an entire DIY wood beam doorway to anchor and disguise the barn door hardware.

Gallery: DIY Barn Door Design Ideas

Barn doors are a great way to add style, functionality, and personality to your home. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, there’s a DIY tutorial for barn door design here for everyone. With a little creativity and some basic tools, you can create a beautiful barn door that enhances the aesthetic of your space. So why wait? Start planning your DIY barn door project today and transform your home into a stylish sanctuary. Here is a gallery of beautiful barn door designs we’ve seen at the Parade of Homes, including everything from rustic reclaimed wood barn doors (made from actual barn wood) to modern elegant mirrored barn doors, and even barn doors to hide the television!

Click to see each image larger, read more details, and scroll through the gallery.

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