25 Clever Closet Offices


25 Clever Closet Offices

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Get inspired to turn your closet into the perfect pint-sized workspace with these 25 clever closet offices.

25 Clever Closet Offices

Last month, many of us resolved to clean out our cluttered and overflowing closets and get rid of the junk. (Seriously, where does it all come from?) If you’ve succeeded in clearing out your closet and are looking for ideas of what to do with all of your newly uncovered space, perhaps these awesome closets will inspire you. These offices make the most of a small space, and are certainly a lot more fun than a place to stash your coats and luggage. 

Such small spaces are the perfect place to try a dramatic look that would be too risky for your main living space. Many of these examples make great use of dramatic paint colors and graphic wallpaper. Would you give up a closet to make a pint-sized office (or “cloffice” as some call it) in your home? I’m already looking at ways I could incorporate one in my home!

Put your closet to work! 25 Clever Closet Offices via #remodelaholic


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(would also make a great office workspace!)

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  1. Kim says

    I’m so excited to try this. I’m somewhat disabled but miss doing my crafts and this is something I can do that gives me my own space and I can go at my own pace and not be in the middle of the house trying to hurry so any company that comes up doesn’t see it. It will literally be my own little sanctuary hole in the wall behind my curtain <3

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